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Nikolai Golik Prezident.


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07.04.2017 11:06


The youth affairs in Russia have been under the umbrella of the federal Rosmolodezh agency. The agency has five departments in charge of patriotism, entrepreneurship, children, students and international relations.

The government allocated for those purposes a whopping 1.3 bln rubles in 2016, up from 1.16 bln rubles a year earlier.

The Rosmolodezh organizes various events for the young people which the country leaders attend: Tavrida in Crimea, Iturup in the Sakhalin region, The Territory of Meanings in Vladimir.

Nearly 4 mln rubles have been spent on the all-Russia patriotic marathon “Way Home” to mark the anniversary of Crimea accession to Russia.

The forum “The Arctic. Made in Russia” required 30.6 mln rubles; the Eurasia international educational forum cost was 20.8 mln rubles; the Home Harbor forum in Crimea swallowed 15 mln rubles.

The Iturup forum in 2016 cost was 27.9 mln rubles, the Baltic Artek’s was 44.7 mln rubles, the Tavrida - 252.4 mln. The Territory of Meanings took the prize with 373.5 mln rubles spent.

Financing of the steering committee run by the Mirralad Ltd has engulfed 43.6 mln rubles. The company shares the phone number with the Young Guards foundation.

Some 7.4 mln rubles were spent on the forum of the school student movement aimed at “upbringing of the new generation and facilitating personal shaping based on Russian system of values” in 2016.

On March 10, 2017 the Prosecutor General started inspection of the patriotic website “Our common Victory. Your film about the war”. The Rosmolodezh had received 5.8 mln rubles for that resource but it has been frozen since 2015.

On March 20, a new head of the agency Alexander Bugayev was appointed by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. That news did not make headlines, though.

Prior to that appointment, Bugayev worked in the Presidential Administration, in the Moscow’s city government as a deputy prefect, in the Moscow family and youth affairs department and professed in the Moscow agro-engineering university.


One more source of financing has been found in the presidential grants. Every third organization which has won the grants bears the word “patriotism” in their names. Overall, the sum of the grants exceeded 160 mln rubles in 2016.

The Economics & Legislation Institute won a 4-mln-ruble grant for working out the methodology of the creation of the system of the citizens patriotic upbringing.

The institute has been established by the Center for social conservative policy and the Dialogue Center for facilitation of the democratic reforms.

One of the former think-tank’s founders has been a member of the United Russia Igor Dyomin, MPs Denis Kravchenko, Igor Igoshin, Andrei Isaev, first deputy editor-in-chief of the Parlamentskaya Gazeta Leonid Goyarinov and the State Duma administrative official Konstantin Tarasov.

In may, the Center for Social Initiatives is going to hold a patriotic festival named after Alexander Pozynych, a marine killed in Syria. The Oplot NCO plans to hold a patriotic music festival New Frontier for 3.2 mln rubles.

Pro-Kremlin movement the Set (Network) has also been receiving a generous financing, formally via non-commercial organizations and foundations.

The Set’s Modern Arts School received a grant of 2.9 mln rubles in 2015 from the Agency for Innovative development run by Anna Marieva. In 2009-2013, she worked in the Rosselkhozbank. The agency’s owners have been former Rosmolodezh officials Stanislav Sakharov (once worked as an aide of MP and the Rosmolodezh ex-head Sergei Belokonev)  and Roman Stupin.

The Youth Initiative NCO received 4.4 mln rubles in 2016 for the Patriot video production studio. The studio shares contacts with the Modern Arts School. The Youth Initiative’s director Dmitry Alenin established the Moscow regional division of the Going Together movement in 2003. Together with the movement's former head he had established the Multinational Country agency and won 12.9 mln rubles for the New Russian fashion show in 2014.

The Oplot (Stronghold) non-commercial partnership for support of the socially vulnerable people has received 3.2 mln rubles for the Russian Frontier music festival.

The Union of the Afghan war veterans has received 4.5 mln rubles to set up the patriotic upbringing center.

The Stalingrad Club in Volgograd has got 4.1 mln rubles for the set of patriotic events to commemorate the Great Patriotic War.

The Youth spiritual-patriotic center in Rostov has won 4.6 mln rubles for the “We are in charge” project which aimed at support and prevention cruelty against the homeless cats and stray dogs.

Still, all those investments seem to go to dogs because the young people prefer to attend the anti-corruption rallies like those March 26 has seen, where the protesters demanded to officially confirm reports about Dmitry Medvedev’s estate he had never declared.